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Our 2015 Home? Somewhere in the 9:00 Sector...


Carnivals can take many forms, each seen through the complex mirrored lenses of the beholders. For some, a carnival conjures up images of rides, games, kaleidoscopic images, snow cones, cotton candy, and the smell of fresh popcorn. For others, a carnival is a festival of dazzling costumes, exotic masks, colorful lights, sounds, and textured fabrics. For still others, a parade is required. Above The Limit seeks to combine all of the above into a festival of interactivity, a joyous time of celebration for carefree spirits seeking to make the most of their time before returning to penitence in the default world.

The most inviting of all of our activities in 2014 was the simplest: chairs around a wood fire. Whenever the flames were lit, people came from all around and occupied every one of dozens of chairs. This year, we will have two fire cauldrons set off the ground to welcome people seeking warmth, conversation, engagement--and, of course, marshmallows and s'mores. This year as last, we expect a steady parade of participants to be drawn to the flames.

An unusual set piece provides the building in which our carnival is to be staged. Looking out over the panorama of Esplanade 2014, the street frontage carports with the Black Rock Air Force F-15 Interceptor in front of them evoked images of Fightertown USA, the legendary Top Gun academy for pilots. This year, the drab carports are painted as hangars with the emblem FIGHTERTOWN BRC visible from the ground and from the air. They set the stage for a reprise of our Afterburner Lounge. Come past the flames through the hangar doors and see what amusements lie within.

The carpeted Afterburner Lounge is decorated with mirrored mylar, colorful lighting, fabrics, and pillows from exotic lands. It hosts our bar, which serves water and adult libations throughout the event. In the afternoon, barkers invite a stream of participants to enjoy our ever-popular snow cones in our lounge. That barker also calls passers-by to step right up to carnival games; win one, and the lucky participant may receive a gift, a special beverage, or perhaps a flight in the F-15.

By night, there is one sure way to bring in a parade of participants: the smell of fresh popcorn wafting throughout the neighborhood. In 2014, the carnival aromas of our popcorn maker pulled participants in from blocks away, and the lines queued up past our entrance gate. This nightly feature is accompanied by its own special lighting whenever popcorn is on offer.

Carnivals can be overwhelming, and our lounge provides comfortable pillows and carpets for the weary to rest, drink some cool water, and watch the world go by.

Masks and headdresses are a carnival theme of our camp this year, and our lounge hosts wear the colors of Rio, Trinidad, and New Orleans.

Our service plans include afternoon and evening service Monday through Saturday. Whenever the bar is open, games are on, food is served, or the fire pits are open, hosts are present at all times to serve and entertain guests.

This year, our adjacent Camp Synapse Conduit will be offering games and libations throughout the day, and between the two camps, we expect to offer interactivity from morning through late night daily.



Whether your tastes run to rocking the casbah or cruising down the highway to the danger zone, the F-15 Eagle returns for playa flightseeing, Ranger missions, airport shuttles, video shoots, and occasional apprehension of bike thieves (for which it once received a Sheriff's Commendation).

  •          Aerial video of the F-15 and 2011 Temple: Flying with the Black Rock Air Force (thanks Ken Romero!)
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