Camp Above The Limit 2009

Our Home is 9:00 Portal and Esplanade

Our 18 foot fluorescent crystals are no more. However, something even more striking is rising...even higher. Construction has been underway for many months, and inshallah, we shall be able to unfold it for our visitors to enjoy...

Approaching camp, a colorful palace rises from the dust, replete with four minarets, alcoves, and a giant central archway, through which something interesting catches the eye of curious passers-by. Once drawn in through the great arch that towers over the front walls of the camp, participants find themselves in a shaded courtyard that offers access to a variety of venues within the Crystal Medina.

Does our weary traveler desire Turkish coffee or tea? A cold beverage? Or perhaps something more exotic like Arak? All are welcome to the spaces within, each little (or not so little) space redolent with the aromas, music, fabrics, and ambiance of centuries before.

Ablutions may be in order, and any traveler may take the opportunity to cleanse themselves before or after - in this case, spiritual cleansing at the dome of the echo. Pray leave your mental baggage behind at our Emotional Cargo Holding Office. We'll look after your cares while you enjoy respite. You can always return for them, or we can take them to the Temple and release them for you.

Morning visitors will be enticed by the aromas of freshly-brewed Turkish coffee; perhaps they have heard a call to coffee echo across inner playa. Savor the tastes as the morning light filters through to the tables, where cezves pour steaming little cups of the flavorful brew. Fear not, occidental traveler: we cater also to more prosaic tastes in coffee. We aim to please.

By day, come out of the dust and relax in our comfortable pillows and lavishly draped chambers. Music is soothing and ranges from Middle Eastern to European classic to Indian, perhaps with some Chinese influences. Smell the exotic scents of cardamom, myrrh, cinnamon, and vanilla while you take in the calm around you.

The Red Velvet Oasis Bar transports travelers to the opulence of ancient times. Lined with a hundred yards of red velvet, it radiates softness and color. Thirsty travelers may avail themselves of its services throughout the day and well into the evening, when its tempo accelerates, and the occasional colorful dervish may whirl by.

The Crystal Medina welcomes participants around the clock with refreshments, empathy, comfort, art, conversation, education, and music. We offer a welcoming and striking visual experience, a relaxing visiting experience, and a supportive and well-trained crew. And while our 18 foot fluorescent crystals are no more, there are many tributes to our heritage.

Our oasis offers an opportunity to rest, rehydrate, and reflect…for some. For others, the Crystal Medina provides a space to have a few drinks and howl at the moon. It all depends on the time of day and whether the traveler decides to partake of the tavern, the cafe, the lounges, or the purification dome. Every visit is interesting, and no visit is the same.



On the other side of the Medina, the 20th Century collides with ancient traditions. Welcome to the Afterburner Lounge, adjacent to the runway of the Black Rock Air Force F-15 Interceptor. Enjoy the fire pit, the marshmallows, the village barbecue, and perhaps catch some familiar sounds. Will the king call up his jet fighters? Will they bomb the giant minarets? Or will the jet pilots wail "The Shareef won't like it...Rock the Casbah!" Come find out.



Whether your tastes run to rocking the casbah or cruising down the highway to the danger zone, the F-15 Eagle returns for playa flightseeing, Ranger missions, airport shuttles, video shoots, and occasional apprehension of bike thieves (for which it once received a Sheriff's Commendation).

  •          Aerial video of the F-15 and 2011 Temple: Flying with the Black Rock Air Force (thanks Ken Romero!)
  • The Man Burns in 00 Days!

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