Camp Above The Limit 2009

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What caused the light to go off 500 years ago in Da Vinci’s mind to inspire dreams of flight? Come visit an illuminated tribute to human attempts to fly, from the fanciful ideas to modern aviation. Learn to make paper airplanes, stroll through images of flight, and enjoy flying-inspired music while enjoying water and beverages. Test your knowledge of aviation, and you may find yourself flying around the playa in the Black Rock Air Force F-15 Interceptor that calls Above The Limit home.

By night, enjoy the colorful lights, popcorn, beverages and music while you contemplate soaring off into the stars and beyond. Fly safe, may your journey be epic, and we look forward to welcoming you back aboard.


One of the most inviting of all of our activities in 2014 was the simplest: chairs around a wood fire. Whenever the flames were lit, people came from all around and occupied every one of dozens of chairs. This year, we will present two fire cauldrons set off the ground to welcome people seeking warmth, conversation, engagement--and, of course, marshmallows and s'mores. This year as last, we expect a steady parade of participants to be drawn to the flames.

In the afternoon, enjoy lemonade and snow cones in our lounge.

By night, there is one sure way to bring in a parade of participants: the smell of fresh popcorn wafting throughout the neighborhood. In 2014, the carnival aromas of our popcorn maker pulled participants in from blocks away, and the lines queued up past our entrance gate. This nightly feature is accompanied by its own special lighting whenever popcorn is on offer.

Our service plans include afternoon and evening service Monday through Saturday. Whenever the bar is open, games are on, food is served, or the fire pits are open, hosts are present at all times to serve and entertain guests.



The F-15 Eagle returns for playa flightseeing, Ranger missions, airport shuttles, video shoots, and occasional apprehension of bike thieves (for which it once received a Sheriff's Commendation).

  •          Aerial video of the F-15 and 2011 Temple: Flying with the Black Rock Air Force (thanks Ken Romero!)
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