Camp Above The Limit 2009

Joining Our Camp

Building a theme camp at Burning Man—a gift to our entire community—is hard work. We are always looking for like-minded individuals to go Above The Limit and create the next great experience.

Every year, Above The Limit opens its doors to new people who want to contribute to making an amazing camp for the whole community. We look for people who are interesting, innovative, industrious, and radically self-reliant.

What makes a difference is the willingness to pull together and work hard to help out and create something that entertains and delights, regardless of whether it’s clear blue skies outside or there’s a tornado bearing down on the camp.

We’re here to have fun and contribute.

Our diverse and highly entertaining camp members come from all over the world and from many professional disciplines—art, entertainment, aviation, design, academia, data analytics and visualization, healthcare, information technology, consulting, engineering, construction, and logistics, just to name a few. We’re represented by all sides of the political and socioeconomic spectrum, and we’re generally work-hard, play-hard people. We agree to follow the Golden Rule and to treat each other with respect, which is earned by hard work, communication, cooperation, mutual support, and constant willingness to show a sense of humor, even in the face of adversity.

If you're looking for a camp to maybe pay some dues, maybe work a shift or two, have someone set everything up for you, and have someone clean up after you, WE ARE NOT THAT CAMP. If you want others to take care of you, serve you meals, and offer turn-down service with mints on your pillows at night, there are camps that offer that level of service starting at around $5,000 per person. If you want a classic Burning Man adventure and are willing to contribute to be a part of offering something to your camp members, your neighborhood, and the participants of the event around you, keep reading.

It takes a lot of time and money to design, transport, build, operate, and clean up after a theme camp, and Above The Limit is no exception. Basic camp contributions only cover a portion of costs; the rest is made up from generous donations by members and friends of the camp. There have never been funds left over from camp, and we never expect there to be.

If you’re interested in participating with Above The Limit and working with us as part of build crew, tear down crew, or any of our support teams, and you think you’d be a fit with our camp, and you have an Above The Limit member who is willing to take responsibility for you joining us, we’d like to hear from you.

Please drop us a line describing:

Email us at with your particulars.

By camping with Above The Limit, you agree that are personally and individually responsible for everything you do while you are at Burning Man and participating in Camp Above The Limit.

Above The Limit is a collection of independent parties. You agree to be responsible for yourself at all times, in every regard, as you approach, once you enter, and as you leave Black Rock City. Above and beyond the provision for individual survival, you agree that you are required to help ensure our collective survival by following common sense rules relating to public safety and community well-being. You acknowledge and accept that every Above The Limit camp member is required to abide by these standards. Community membership in Above The Limit is a privilege, as is attendance at Burning Man. Violation of these requirements could result in ejection from the community. You acknowledge and accept that individuals camping at Above The Limit accept no liability for anyone or anything other than themselves and their individual actions, and you agree to hold camp members harmless for any actions they take or do not take. You acknowledge and accept that any financial contributions you make to camp are non-refundable. You acknowledge that the weather may be awful, nothing will ever go as planned, setup may be delayed, camp gear and your gear may break, your structure may blow away, you may not be able to replace what you forgot to bring, you may hurt yourself, your vehicle and anything you bring with you will never be the same, anything that can happen to you in a city can happen to you at Burning Man, the laws of the US and Nevada apply, you may not like your food, you may not like everyone around you, there are consequences if you do not pack what you need, you may come to the desert trying to find yourself and may not like what you find, and you accept that this is what can and does happen in the hostile Burning Man desert environment that may try to kill you. You acknowledge and accept that you do not have to camp with Above The Limit, and that if you do choose to camp wth Above The Limit, you willingly agree to be bound by these terms and the terms contained in Burning Man Ticket Terms and Conditions.

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