Camp Above The Limit 2009


Visit Us at 9:00 Portal and Esplanade

Camp Above The Limit is a creative, ever-evolving camp that lives by the Ten Principles of Burning Man. We believe that our members should all participate and work together for the enjoyment and success of participants, camp, and the event itself.

This year's Caravansary theme led to research across all of the ancient Silk Routes. We were captivated by the architecture, light, and the tales of travelers. Then we found this short video that left us stunned and inspired! We began design in January, and our prototype was successfully completed at The Generator in early April...

Outside is a study of shape, light, and color. Raise your eyes to the minarets, and you will see a fitting tribute to those crystals that served us so well. Come through the great arch and set your clocks back a thousand years. Inside is an inviting oasis of refreshment, relaxation, music, exotic scents, art, and conversation. Look for silks, shimmering lights, mystery, and textures that provide respite from the journey through our very foreign lands. Curious? See our Visit and Participate page...

Along with our compatriot camps Eurotache and Echo, we look forward to welcoming you to the Crystal Medina, our tribute to the theme and our camp's past.


Well... In 2013, after eight years of awesome adventures and contributions to the participants of Burning Man, we thought we would take a break from the crazy life of theme camps and vanish into the dust--or at least the suburbs. The playa had other plans. We came back as part of BRC Post Office Village on the 9:00 Plaza and B Street. We offered libations, a neighborhood BBQ, a fire pit with marshmallows and smores, radical lighting and great conversations. The Black Rock Air Force F-15 Interceptor flew daily sorties to serve and protect our City and its people. The Spirit of ATL is alive and doing very well.

The Man Burns in 00 Days!

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